Sunday, November 4, 2007

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend - Or Are They

I regularly end up having conversations with people who oooh and ahhh over diamonds, possibly the best marketed commodity on the planet. People have connotations of rarity and value when they look at diamonds and one cannot but applaud DeBeers (the cartel that makes Microsoft's anti competitive litigation with Netscape look like small children throwing rocks in the middle of a war zone) for having achieved this highly deceptive position within the precious stone marketplace.

Rubys are the rarest of the precious stones with Emerald and Sapphires close behind, Diamonds are actually one of the more common stones (resulting in DeBeers billion dollar vaults of stones) they have just been marketed well over the past century, to the point where one wouldn't give a different stone for an engagement!

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Comment e-mailed to me

Regarding your marveling at DeBeers marketing, I have to marvel even more at the psychology inside the brain of the recipients of those diamonds (women). To them, especially the 20-30 somethings, the truest expression of the love of their fiance is to buy them something worth the down payment on a house that serves no useful purpose except that one can cut your way out of a phone booth with it if trapped inside....too bad their are no phone booths anymore thanks to cell phones ! Would the money for a diamond not be better spent on the beginnings of a retirement portfolio ?

Food for are the ultimate form of nature sequestering carbon...cant burn em to release their carbon content.

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