Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Roll the Dice and Play the Financial Market Lottery

Working and investing in the financial markets is for the majority the same as visiting a casino, ill thought out investments, lack of knowledge/ understanding and of course the untold riches of success and high rates of return draw the more aggressive individuals into a high risk game of guess and second guess. The general parameters are the house always wins, much like a casino, and by this we are talking major financial institutions and experienced players who are hedging and using complex financial instruments to allay their risk and to pass it to the investor.

The secret is to work on a long term ride in lower return funds - growth and income is really the place to look and avoid individual stock picks in favour of a mutual fund/ etf to spread and mitigate your risk. Remember that market downturns are buying opportunities more than anything else..... Just maybe not till the end of this year or early next!

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