Thursday, June 11, 2009

True Colors of an Administration

I was wondering how long it would take for the new fresh, clean, sweet smelling feel of the Obama administration to wear and acquire the soiled, cloying smell of self interest similar to the Bush Era.....

Today the Obama administration revoked the salary cap on employees of bail out firms. It was done in a quiet hush hush manner of you don't announce your insolvency and destroy my recovery plan and I will drive inflation through the roof and raise interest rates to destroy any chance of recovery. Thus enabling us to hit the true bottom of the market in October and break all previous lows including the Great Depression. Then you will have no choice but to admit insolvency and hide it under another government bailout of another 2-3 Trillion dollars. I will have done my work and leave the US economy in tatters, the US dollar worthless and no longer the reserve currency (note everyone is know after IMF paper not US treasuries - the only person who sees value in these is Bernanke) ready for a foreign takeover by nations with currencies of value.

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