Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Government Legislation is Stiffling Innovation

Larry Kudlow talks about growth from ingenuity, small business, entrpreneurial endeavor, new business opportunity and suggest that may be the solution to the current financial mess. My question is how can small businesses grow with the SEC breathing down their necks this government is so restricitive in its rules and regulations. A good regulatory system would have seen Mozzillo dumping his stock as fast as the market would absorb it, they would have seen Madoff accountant had an office the size of a shed..... yet they choose to focs on attacking the little guy as they are cheaper to beat up and can't defend themselves as well.

Where was the SEC when the rating agencies were selling bonds made up of toilet paper as "AAA" Surely they are the root cause of the current crisis as we trusted them not to be self serving.

It can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise money making it only accessible to large funds and established groups who have no benefit and no intention of changing status quo. The system needs to be changed if America is to rise to greatness again and the economy is to achieve any kind of recovery

P.S. has anyone notice Obama quietly overturns all his big highly public bills like the salary cap.... didnt see him making a big deal of that repeal....

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