Monday, January 7, 2008

War on Iraq - the video about the 1980 destruction of its Nuclear reacto.

The Gulf wars have had many casualties, there has been immense expense and a cost greater than money to the people of the USA, the coalition and Iraq. Many of the benefits were gained by Halliburton who recently moved their company to Dubai and the free trade zone, meaning that the USA will not benefit from the taxes. Great Britain didn't benefit with any major contracts in Iraq to repay its role in the war.

One looks at history and notes the incredible impact that Israel had on stabilizing the Middle East and allowing the USA to win so easily in Kuwait and on George Bush's claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction in 2002. Iraq was neutralized as a nuclear power in the early 1980's whilst the American Government was still supplying weapons to Iraq, Afghanistan and Al Queda.

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