Monday, February 25, 2008

Inevitable Evolution

I have been thinking alot recently about the progression, development and ultimate evolution of the Homo Sapien (humans) and it started to occur to me as I develop out Brain Make Over that the ultimate advancement of society may well be slightly different to the course most have predicted.

Many see futures of Robots etc in control (Terminator, i-Robot etc) however i think it may be a little different in reality - and here is why:

Technological advancement is leading us towards smaller and smaller devices that we collaborate using with greater frequency. No one will doubt or be suprised at the suggestion of a hearingaid sized cell phone or glasses that act as computer screens.... these have already been depicted in movies. However the very next stage of development would be the complete integration of such devices subdermally. (like pet tagging)

These integrated bio/neural chips would then directly connect individuals into the World Wide Web (www) etc. We already have examples in self monitoring (telemetry) pacemakers and other such cardiac devices. Such integration would ultimately if followed to its natural and logical conclusion create for a world where humans are to some degree controlled by computers (not in the Matrix fashion) but in a far more real system where dependency led to enhancement of the human organism. Nano Technology and biology would start to merge within the human development process creating a greatly improved human....

AKA evolution

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