Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Popular Culture

I had a revelation

It occurred to me tonight wasn't that Pop Idol has succeeded and become a part of popular culture, what astounded me was my realization that it was essentially a draft (NFL, NBA, College etc) Anyone of the top 10 or 20 or however many it was were on the show tonight had to attract a contract tonight or fade into history forever....

I had always seen it as a last chance or only chance for many who do not have the right network to get a break. A way to find out who 13 year old girls have a crush on so you can sell them single (they are really who buy singles for the charts, adults buy albums)

Then it got really scary they started putting people like Seal next two the acts and wow what a difference, the only one who could potentially hold his own was David Cook with Bryan Adams as they sound so alike.

Most of all, what pop idol shows you is how incredibly talented a lot of the singers today and of yesteryear have been and also what these new fad singers are missing. Thank g-d even with all the judges pushing that the talented David Cook won out, Bono, George
Michael, Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have acquired another member of the raspy voice brigade

At least we can look forward to so you think you can dance where we get some real truly amazing talent!

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