Sunday, May 4, 2008

Very Politically Incorrect

I know I am going where no one should go but I have a few very contentious statements, comments and questions? No one seems to be voicing these out loud but I am sure people are thinking it.......

Is Barak Obama a Muslim and how extreme are his views? Why does he seem to want to hide his beliefs in the closet??? Is he ashamed or afraid his beliefs will hurt his chances of election, if so should his deception be permissible??? How will his faith affect his dealings in the Middle East and Pakistan?

With Americas track record of racial prejudice and extreme behavior, how long will Barak Obama stay alive if he is elected president? Has America changed that much since Martin Luther King and Malcom X??? Do we need to concentrate very hard on his running mate for Vice President?

Will John McCain survive his presidency if he wins, he is rather old for the stress and pressures of the role.... Does he have the energy to take on the backbreaking workload or will he be a part time president like George W and spend most of his time on holiday???

Does Barak Obama have any job skills or experience appropriate to being president or that qualify him for the job?

Is it ego that stops Obama from running on the same card with Hilary Clinton, surely it would sense for them to become a 16 years dream team?

When will Ben Bernanke step down from the Fed where he has been doing a horrible job?

Could Al Gore be any more hypocritical about global warming with his house, car collection and private plane useage?

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