Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Bin Laden

So the DNC is coming up in Denver next week..... I think it may be a bit of an abortion myself...... sorry for the poor humor but with Al Jazeera both wanting to come and being allowed to come and film it signifies the worst potential interest possible in Obama. For anyone who doesnt know Al Jazeera spends its life as an arab promoter and endorser of terror, suicide bombings and everything wrong with the world. Their glorification of violence and terror is legendary.

With the additional comments from terror organizations that publicly support Obama we really must question his Muslim heritage and what he stands for and world events that transpire if the American populace makes their greatest mistake and he was elected.

I received the following as an interesting email attachment, i dont vouch for its accuracy but i couldnt find much to corroborate any other achievements:
On another note. Someone did the math on Obama the Senator.

* He has only been a Senator for 18 months.
* With all the recesses, four day weekends, campaigning and absences,
Obama has only spent about six weeks of workdays on the Senate floor
as one of the most junior Senators.
* Most of his votes, about 80% when he was not absent, have been
'present' or 'abstain'.
* He also chairs a committee that has never met because the chairman
has never called a meeting.
* As a trial lawyer he only tried 14 cases in court - and minor ones
at that.
* As a 'community organizer' his major cause was getting the asbestos
out of a housing project. After two years of trying, the asbestos was
still there when he left and is still there even now that he is a
Senator and presumably has some pull to get things done.

That's it. His entire real world work resume.

* Six weeks work in the Senate with nothing to show for it.
* Two years as a lawyer and only 14 minor trials.
* Two years as a 'community organizer' with nothing accomplished.

Let the free world hope and pray that we go with the "Prisoner of War" rather than Obama Bin Laden

p.s Dont know if anyone has been watching the Beijing games which have been truely fantastic but spare a though for the million plus people who were forecibly relocated, without compensation to spend the remainder of their lives in ghetto squallor, to make way for the beautiful Birds Nest, Water Cube etc....... America can't fool itself in these games with a total medal tally, a gold is worth more than a silver and bronze, the Chinese have and will win these games.

p.p.s Congrats to Li Ning on his opening ceremony performance, it is very exciting to think that he owns the chinese equivalent of "Nike"

p.p.p.s Michael Phelps, i think that you are the Greatest Olympian even though my wife insists you are the Greatest Olympic Swimmer

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