Monday, September 22, 2008

Expect the Dollar to Crumble

Expect the $ dollar to crumble over coming months as the government buys up distressed assets and bails out the banking industry. With this perfect parachute to protect those who have made huge profits from risky investments what can we expect in the future. Financially prudent individuals and companies are essentially being punished. We have seen lower returns due to cautious investment strategies, we should have been more aggressive, taken our profits and used a government bailout to cover the losses we ultimately faced.

This is going to significantly damage the dollar as americas economy wil be burdened with worthless and worse money consuming assets. 

What is going on with Obama and his new hair dye to make him look older and more mature. they are trying to make him look like he has some experinence, knows what to do and how to bail out the economy, talk about a rock and a hard place, we have someone who profited from the S&L scandal (savings and loan back in the 80's) and someone who has no idea what he is doing and will be a puppet for a government system that is so flawed that it will soon be overtaken by China as well as India, Germany etc etc

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