Thursday, February 26, 2009

Implosion, Meltdown, Who can truly comprehend $3.55 Trillion?????

Okay so another $410Bn was approved by congress last night and the question is where will this all end. With $3.55 Trillion now sanctioned, thats 1/3 of the entire national debt, one has to ask, why are they giving away all this money they dont have when they havent even spent the original $900Bn and seen the economic impact and fallout.

They always say you dont truly see the impact of a Presidents bills until 8-10 years later and alot of the consequences of Bill Clintons actions are now being felt (giving away panama canal, deregulation of finance - where the hedge funds really grew as a phenomenon, changes to foregin labor visas etc). I truly feel sorry for our children who will feel the ful economic impact of Obama and the Democratic run congress and senates bills. I am no republican and i was a very big critic of George Bush but i think we are truly about to witness the implosion of the US economy and an end to its global dominance.

Bring on the next decade, it probably belongs to China and India.....

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