Sunday, February 22, 2009

Travelling like a Rock Star kills the economy

So who would like to charter their own provate jumbo jet and fly from Washington to Chicago for dinner for Valentines night..... Why the president of course, Barack took his wife to chicago for dinner on airforce one for Valentines day at a cost of several million dollars.....

Didnt the motor company bosses just get hammered for making a similar flight......

Grounding airforce one which is getting ridiculously over used right now would save hundreds of millions of dollars a year which would go some way toward making up the incredible budget deficit our new President is planning to create.

Amateur hour has begun in Washington, can Obama even count high enough to work out how many commerce secretaries have resigned to date. If we add another $2-3 Trillion to the budget deficit then we will saddle the country with an unsurpassable burden which will lead to China or Europe suceeding the US as a world super power and the leading economy. This could be the death throes of an empire if we dont let the markets bottom out naturally and start over with a new improved and unbroken system. The patchwork quilt we are creating will leak like a seive and no the wasnt an SIV i was talking about although that works just as well.

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Anonymous said...

I think we have pushed this country over the edge and Superman couldn't save it now. The staggering national debt thanks mostly
to Regan and W, the inaction the last 8 years over so many issues, the propensity to live beyond our means, the free market
under or non regulated financial system, the ignoring science with respect to environmental issues, fighting a war
in the wrong place while ignoring advise of militray generals which extended the length AND cost, and on and on....

my take in short is we WERE the greatest nation on earth........NOW we are simply a collection of spoiled consumers
in debt over our eyeballs who talk and dont listen.

jonsyrose said...

A few months ago I thought a trillion dollar defecit and 10 trillion dollar debt would be the end of
it and push us over the edge.....How much debt is too much debt?.....that is the question